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Andrea Nyack

The only daughter of a Swiss mother and Grenadian father, I grew up in Switzerland. My passion for the hospitality industry began during my college years; what originated as a means to an end, became increasingly more my dream.
Cooking and baking, inviting friends around and preparing a superb meal for them, are things I have always loved to do. Having been able to fulfill my dream of owning a guesthouse with a restaurant on my father’s native island is wonderfully exciting, intoxicating, and simply super! A dream I have shared with Bernhard, and together we brought it to life. It was a long way from buying an old house and transforming it into a bright and airy, modern but cozy guesthouse and restaurant where we can offer you an extraordinary culinary experience, enhanced with Swiss professionalism and indigenous ingredients.
From a French literature student with a passion for cooking, I initially became a secondary school teacher. After further education I've taught General Education at a vocational school in Switzerland. I still enjoy teaching and will continue to teach. As per the last few years I will take positions as a temporary teacher, but now only during the island’s low season (the summer months), when the weather in Switzerland can be quite wonderful.


Bernhard Huss

What did I do before armadillo?
I worked for many years as an advisor for non-profit organisations and as a Manager of a small nursing home.
….before that?
I was educated as a food inspector and worked for several years in the food processing industry with companies in the Zurich region. Simultaneously I managed a large home for the elderly, and thereafter I took a leadership position in a facility offering special training workshops for those with intellectual disabilities.
….and before that?
I was deputy Managing Director in a regional hospital; assistant to the Commercial Director of a private clinic; Deputy Operations Manager at the Airport Restaurant AG in Zurich.
….and even before that?
I worked as a chef in larger catering establishments and also spent a long period in the Swiss military service.
….and even earlier in my life?
That I will happily tell you about personally!
What else can I tell you about myself?
With a good ice-cold Carib, the local beer, in hand I will be pleased to tell you all about myself!
My background:
Professional chef, Hotel School educated, Business economist, post-graduate studies in Organisational Development and Coaching.

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