the actual menu                                                                                          
Please make your reservation a day ahead or any time before, and let us know what your menu choices are, thank you.
  • tartar ¦ tuna, caper, jalapeño, and crispy hash brown   32 ec

  • gazpacho ¦ cucumber, rose peppercorns, and lobster skewer  38 ec

  • soup ¦ carrots, sour cream, and tandoori croutons  28 ec

  • goat cheese ¦ panko crusted, guava, beet root with walnut vinaigrette   32 ec

  • lionfish ¦ almonds, beurre noisette, and fried rice   72 ec

  • tuna ¦ black pepper and black sesame crusted, wasabi cream sauce, sweet potato mash  72 ec

  • chicken ¦ cumin glazed, pumpkin mango cream, and chili lentils   70 ec

         all main courses come with a side of vegetables

  • semifreddo ¦ tonka bean, hazelnut praline, and hazelnut tuile  30 ec

  • crumble ¦ pineapple, with salted butter caramel ice cream   30 ec

  • cake and ice cream ¦ banana, chocolate and rum cake, rum soaked starfruit and vanilla bean ice cream   30 ec

  • mousse ¦ sour cream and lemon, earl grey tea ice cream, and honey comb crunch  30 ec

all our ice creams, liqueurs, cakes, breads, pickles, jams, jellies... are home made
we work with crayfishbay organic chocolate only

Please have a look at our wine list. And here's our drinks list.
You are welcome to bring your own wine if you wish,
we ask a cork of 30 EC per bottle.

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards