the actual menu                                                                  Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.
  • tomato soup made of fresh tomatoes, with big thyme  22 ec
    ... and with octopus   32 ec

  • tuna tartar with lemon grass, sesame, ginger and crispy onions   28 ec

  • goat cheese mousse with sorrel chutney, pumpkin seed brittle and chocolate balsamico  28 e


  • lion fish on sweet potato mash with almonds, on a sauce of tarragon and lemon, served with  vegetables   70 ec

  • skate with caper gremolata on balsamic bacon lentils,  served with vegetables   70 ec

  • lobster on coconut curry sauce on a bed of fried rice, served with vegetables   90 ec

  • sautéed chicken breast pieces on a rosmary and Dijon mustard sauce, served with fried rice and vegetables    65 ec

  • crayfish bay organic chili chocolate tarte with mango sorbet   27 ec

  • cardamom and vanilla panna cotta with coffee sauce   27 ec

  • coconut ice ceam with mango in tandoori sirup    25 e

We serve fine wines. Please have a look at our wine list. And here's our drinks list.
If you wish to bring your own wine you are welcome to do so. We ask a cork of 30 EC per bottle.

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Please make your reservation a day ahead or any time before, and let us know what your menu choices are, thank you.

book your dinner with a room

For all our guests who would like to dine with us and don't want to drive back in the night we offer a one-night stay in all our rooms, including breakfast.

Mt. Rodney, Sauteurs, St. Patrick's


+1 473 417 5250

+1 473 458 1190 (whatsapp)

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