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the actual menu                                                                                          
please make your reservation a day ahead, or any time before, and let us know what your menu choices are, thank you.
  • tartar ¦ tuna, lemongrass, ginger, toasted sesame seeds  35 ec

  • ceviche ¦ red snapper, wax apple, basil and roasted peanuts   40 ec

  • corn soup ¦ fresh corn in creamy curry, with seared tuna and sem beans  40 ec  

  • goat cheese ¦ mousse, with red onion and sorrel chutney, and pumpkin seed brittle   35 ec

  • kingfish ¦ on cauliflower purée, with sundried tomatoes and fried potatoes   85 ec

  • lobster ¦ garlic and herbs, with fried rice and a side of vegetables   110 ec
    (lobster comes from our frozen stock as it is out of season now)

  • chicken ¦ tomato sauce, salted lime, fried rice, and a side of vegetables   80 ec

  • vegetarian ¦ beet root risotto, cinnamon dukkah, and blue cheese    80 ec


  • parfait glacé ¦ rum, served with rum raisins, melted chocolate and a coconut macaroon cookie   35 ec

  • cake and ice cream ¦ chili chocolate cake with water lemon (kind of a passionfruit) ice cream   35 ec

  • iced crème brûlée ¦ passionfruit   30 ec

  • sorbet ¦ mango, with a nice shot of vodka    30 ec

all our ice creams, liqueurs, cakes, breads, pickles, jams, jellies... are home made
we work with crayfishbay organic chocolate only

Please have a look at our wine list.
You are welcome to bring your own wine if you wish,
we ask a corkage of 50 ec per bottle.

Sorry, we do not accept cards - cash only.

Sorry, we do not accept cards - cash only

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